Fit For The Crown offers PAGEANT CONSULTING and CONFIDENCE BUILDING for pageant competitors ages 5 and up.

Private Coaching

Whether you are competing in your first beauty pageant or you have competed in several pageants before, investing in private coaching sessions is essential! You will learn everything you need to know and be extremely prepared so that you can enjoy and have fun throughout the entire experience.  Through Fit For The Crown’s private coaching sessions you will learn the essentials of how to package yourself in order to present yourself to the judges and stand out from the other contestants.

An outline of topics covered during coaching sessions are listed below.

  • Pageant Preparation (recommend 1 session)
  • Interview (recommend 5 sessions)
  • Platform (recommend 2 sessions)
  • Wardrobe (recommend 2 sessions)
  • Modeling (recommend 3 sessions)
  • Physical Fitness (recommend 1 session)
  • Health & Beauty (recommend 1 session)
  • Sponsorships (recommend 1 session)

*Recommended sessions may vary depending on each individual’s training needs.

Phone Coaching

My phone coaching sessions are proven to be an effective way of training for your next pageant. They are designed for those who live out of state or are unable to meet in person.  This is still a very effective way to prepare for your next pageant.  You will gain insight and knowledge on all of the topics listed above.  After submitting your bio and head-shot we will have an introductory call in which we will determine which topics you specifically need training in and I will assess your current communication/interview skills.  We will then put together a Pageant Training Plan designed especially to meet your needs so you will be Fit for the Crown in no time!

Biography & Resume Development/Review

Your pageant Biography is the first impression the judges will have of you, besides your head-shot, and therefore is one of the most important aspects in preparing for your pageant.  Sometimes it may be challenging to capture YOU in words and put it on paper! The key is having a professional and well worded bio that will highlight what makes you unique, your accomplishments & goals and what you would do with the crown.  Most importantly, your bio needs to capture the judges attention and make them excited to meet you in person.  Fit For The Crown is qualified to do just that!  You may submit your bio for review and polishing or we can assist you from scratch to develop a quality biography.

Also, specializing in Business Resume development and review.