Dani Lyons- Pre-Teen Nevada Princess 2013

“My daughter is Dani Lyons. She is the 2013 Pre-Teen Nevada Princess thanks to the help of Brittney at Fit For The Crown. Before the pageant, I wanted to give my daughter a sense of self-esteem, self-importance and self-confidence.   Also, I wanted to help Little Dani overcome her fears.   I believed Pageantry would be the perfect vehicle to help make that happen for Little Dani.  This was Dani’s first experience in a pageant competition. I needed to get Dani some coaching I was told Brittney would be the perfect coach to help Dani practice and learn how to prepare for the beauty pageant.  Just so happened Dani won the pageant! When Dani first got involved with pageantry she was very coy, withdrawn and unsure of herself.  After a few coaching sessions with Brittney, Dani was confident, full of energy  and ready to take on the world!  I would highly recommend Brittney Cobb to coach your daughter as well and I know you will be happy (as I was) with the decision to have Brittney help mentor your child.”

~ Danny Lyons (Dani Lyon’s Father)
Pre-Teen Nevada Princess 2013

Testimonial Miss NV Collegiate America 2013

“I contacted Fit For The Crown when I was preparing for my first national pageant in 2011. From the beginning, I knew with Brittney’s help, that I could go extremely far.  After competing the first time, I decided it was something I wanted to continue to do, so I choose to compete for Miss Nevada Collegiate America 2013.  Of course, I reached out to Brittney and feel so lucky to have had her as a coach.  She was there for me 24/7… took every email, text, and phone call and gave me the best advice and support so that I presented the best ME. Without her I would not have been as confident or prepared for interview and on stage competition.   I went on to capture the crown of Miss Nevada Collegiate America 2013! Brittney, I thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You taught me things that I can use, not only in pageants, but for the rest of my life. You are such an incredible coach and mentor, and you have touched my life forever. Thank you so much!”

~ Jacquelyn Rios 
Miss Nevada Collegiate America 2013

Testimonial Mrs Nevada 2011

Wow!  Fit For The Crown truly helped me achieve my dream and the tremendous honor of being crowned Mrs. Nevada-America 2011!
I can honestly say that Brittney is one of the most knowledgable, professional, sweetest and most beautiful woman in the business!  The first time I competed I didn’t know what to expect and Brittney helped me every step of the way.  Competing in my very first pageant I placed third runner up, as well as receiving numerous other awards!  I returned for the next pageant and was crowned Mrs. Nevada-America!  NONE of this was possible without Brittney Cobb. Brittney, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, support and encouragement throughout my journey and for being such an amazing woman and friend!
~Amanda Kouretas
Mrs. Nevada-America 2011