Dani Lyons- Pre-Teen Nevada Princess 2013

“My daughter is Dani Lyons. She is the 2013 Pre-Teen Nevada Princess thanks to the help of Brittney at Fit For The Crown. Before the pageant, I wanted to give my daughter a sense of self-esteem, self-importance and self-confidence.   Also, I wanted to help Little Dani overcome her fears.   I believed Pageantry would be the perfect vehicle to help make that happen for Little Dani.  This was Dani’s first experience in a pageant competition. I needed to get Dani some coaching I was told Brittney would be the perfect coach to help Dani practice and learn how to prepare for the beauty pageant.  Just so happened Dani won the pageant! When Dani first got involved with pageantry she was very coy, withdrawn and unsure of herself.  After a few coaching sessions with Brittney, Dani was confident, full of energy  and ready to take on the world!  I would highly recommend Brittney Cobb to coach your daughter as well and I know you will be happy (as I was) with the decision to have Brittney help mentor your child.”

~ Danny Lyons (Dani Lyon’s Father)
Pre-Teen Nevada Princess 2013

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